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A great Father’s Day gift

I actually subscribed to this as a father’s day gift for my child’s father who lives in Washington state. He loves to BBQ and light up the smoker so why not try this product? So guess what, he loves it and raves about it all the time. He sends pics and loves the way they uniquely pack the boxes. He definitely loved the latest box that paid homage to veterans as he is a veteran and made him feel special. Thank you for taking the time to make your customers feel important.

Navy Girl

I love my BBQ Box!

The rubs were so good I even put them on chicken and it turned out spectacular! Then later when I had time I followed the detailed instructions and made a great BBQ!

Ken S.

Perfect BBQ Box

It was a perfect Father’s Day gift! Got a new bbq sauce and rub to try along with the wood chips to smoke, also got two snacks. Loved this box and the seller was also very fast to respond and answer any questions I had.


Great gift!

For Father’s day I didn’t know what to get my dad so I thought I would try something different and send him a BBQ box for a few months. He loved it!


Excellent flavors!

Bought this for my husband as a birthday gift. He loved it! The dry rub and sauce flavors are excellent!!

Shuana K

Really nice box of BBQ products

Bought it for my son in law, who is a chef. He loved it. Did some ribs up for the family and they all said it was delicious. He’s excited about getting the next box.

Sandra A. M. Bristol

Quality products

I bought this for my son in law. He absolutely loves it! All of the products are quality! Bonus I get invited over to sample his work!

Jennifer H.